Johnson gets 5th after being wrecked early on

Johnson Racing
Johnson (#7) passing the leader
7/30/09 -
Johnson felt like superman in his last race.  On just lap 4 he was wrecked and had to be towed, putting him a lap down.  After Johnson got back on the track he did his best to floor it... passing 5 lead lap cars in just two laps and successfully passing the leader a couple laps later to get back on the lead lap.  "We felt like superman," said Johnson.  "The car flew around the track... we finished with a 5 second lead on the leader after passing him and I know we could have done better.  I screwed up a few laps and know we could have got a 7 second lead on them."  Johnson had the fastest lap average of the whole field.  "We were in the lower split, but at least we know we can perform decently.  We are ready for next season in the Nationwide and Trucks."

Johnson posts a 3rd at Michigan

Johnson Racing
Johnson entering turn 1
7/27/09 -
For the first time in his career, Johnson ran an upper class oval race at a intermidiate oval track.  "We have always been worried in the past and have not had the confidence to run one, so we never made any starts," said Johnson.  However this week at Michigan in the COT he started 12th and worked way up to 3rd early on.  Unfortunately he made contact with another driver mid-race taking his winning chances out... but he still managed to finish 3rd by passing two cars for position on the last lap.  "It was a great race for us and we had a 3rd place car.  I loved makign my way up though the pack, nothing feels better then knowing your fasted then the guy infront of you... and we often were.  It was a shame a driver attemped to wreck us, we had a fast car and i know we could have competed for a win.  We were runnign the same times as the leaders in the end... With how great this race went, I can garentee we will be runnign the tucks and Nationwide next season."

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