New Season starts soon

7/26/09 -
Johnson Racing will be moving up to Class C and has found the funds to run a full schedule of the Truck and Nationwide Series next season.  "We are very excited for next season and have coughed up enough cash to run a full Truck and Nationwide Season.  We will be doing Nationwide racing right off the bat since our SR is already over a Class C 4.0.  Sadly we won't be doing much road racing though, but our focus is on the oval side and our team is not large enough to run both series fulltime.  Next season our main goals will be to run a full season and to obtain a Class C 4.99 Oval SR and a Class C 4.40 Road SR."

Johnson gets first road win

7/22/09 -
Johnson (#5) got his first road win today at Laguna Seca in a last lap pass for the lead.  "We battled for the lead from the start," said Johnson.  "I waited until the last lap to make my move and we did it.  I was not expecting to get a win this soon in our road career.  We are happy with what we got and we just hope we can get one next season." However not all of Johnson's finishes were very well, he only received 3 top 4's in a total of 10 races.  Many of these races Johnson was caught in incidences from other drivers.  To leave this off on a good note though, Johnson did finally reach a SR over 4.0 and is currently sitting at a 4.42 Road SR.

Bad day in the Solstice

7/21/09 -
Johnson ran two Rookie Solstice races in hope to improve his Safety Rating and iRating.  They did not go as planned.  He posted a 10th and a 9th place finish in these events, getting caught in wrecks in both of them.  "Both those races were terrible, we lost 100 iRating and about .05 SR.  We are still going to continue since we are hoping to get our SR to a 4.0 next season to drive the Lotus... but so far it has not been good."

Johnson finishes 2nd at Stafford

Stafford Motor Speedway 7/20/09 -
In Johnson's first race in 2 months he places 2nd after a 50 lap battle between race winner Frank Hudson.  Johnson started on the pole at Stafford and lead the first 7 laps.  The margin of the victory was a small -.338 seconds.  "It was a great race for us," said Johnson. "We started out on the pole, led the first 7 laps and finished in 2nd.  I'm happy to take that.  We have had very strong performances this season posting a 4th and win at USA and now a 2nd at Stafford.  I plan on doing more Late Model racing, it's a blast."

Johnson Racing tests at Lowes

Charlotte 7/15/09 -
Johnson Racing went for some testing sessions at Lowes today.  The team is preparing for next season in the Nationwide Series.  "We are Hoping to run the full schedule next season, but without sponsorship it's going to be hard.  Right now we just don't have the funds to run every race.  We know we will be able to race most of the truck season but our main focus is getting our Nationwide program together."