Johnson Racing
Welcome to the Johnson Racing Team site.  This is a site I put together for myself and I will be updating it every so often with any new information.  I will update this site with my racing stats and just for fun do some articles and silly season.

Johnson Racing was started in 2002 running console racing games. Mid-year 2007 we invested into our first Simulation, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. During this time, our team ran hundreds of offline races but rarely races online.  In 2008 our team decided to take a new path and switch to ARCA Sim Racing for online racing.  Johnson did achieve his first online racing win at Daytona but our career with ARCA Sim Racing did not last very long.  We were not able to be very competitive and found the sim to be unrealistic. 

In April 2009 our team decided to take on the most up-to-date and most realistic Simulation available,™ Motorsport Simulations.  Since our team joined™ we have had a total of 3 wins, one in the Legends Series, one in the Rookie Solstice and another in the Late Model Tour.  Currently, the team is running testing sessions for the Truck and Nationwide series for next season.  We have not yet driven in the truck series race but have done many Practice and time trial sessions.

After a break around 6 months, Johnson plans on getting back into racing for 2010 Season 2. 

Current Licenses
Oval:  Class A 3.43 SR
Road: Class C 3.46 SR

Oval:  iRating - 1802     ttRating - 1549
Road: iRating - 1341     ttRating - 1096